Foto Hot Artis Seksi Diana Pungky di Majalah Dewasa

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Foto Hot Artis Seksi Diana Pungky di Majalah Dewasa 
WOMEN SEXY" Diana Indah Pertiwi Pungky

"Her face is pretty unique, smooth skin like porcelain and crystal-clear crystal heart illuminates every corner of the niche who'd been staring at him. Her body was wrapped in nan perfect slim sexy instinct mengoyahkan unspeakable. That is the figure of Diana Pungky, beautify the corner - the corner receive the approval of capture location-filled paintings beautiful women-classical High Renaissance art values and expensive. With the density of modern-classic furniture with a variety of attractive shapes. And the light colored lights, like dozens of miniature sun. "

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

"I do not feel beautiful. It was okay, there's still more beautiful than I am. Maybe because I was really feminine and girly, "I'm Diana Pungky who claimed diligent care of her body and claimed to feel sexy when finished bathing.

She was like a masterpiece painting maestro rennaisance era, when he was in the middle of an empty frame. Expensive looks like life is always filled with flash flash.

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

There was an incident that made her infinitely sad. Exactly a year ago her father passed away to the Almighty. She felt there was something missing in her life. A piece of endless love and saying that all this pampering attitude like the wind got up to at any time.

"That's why I still think my daddy is still there, just was traveling out of town and one day I will follow him," she said softly. Her eyes glow beautifully poignant, though no tears.

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

Diana Pungky confess if she was unpredictable. Everything she did follow your heart and feeling. "My mama alone never say things like 'you're weird, sometimes rather quiet in the room alone, and sometimes directly invites go'. Yes, that's me, "she said with his trademark chuckle that often sinetron-sinetron dtemui in which she stars.

Even a soul mate just came to me. Flawless skin as smooth and beningnya life. Poets who adorned her life during the nine years that he knew through family meetings. Diana admits she is not rigid in determining pujangganya women.

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

Diana Pungky Popular Magazine

"Problem man, I prefer the click, in the sense that if I say something, tasty and convenient. If it was comfortable I would be looking for him. But if baseball really feeling lazy I'll see you, "exclaimed this clean white women.

Women who like to dress up this Japanese style says about marriage and courtship periods. "The difference is now more clear status, and if home shooting until the morning, she was also waiting for me," the story lady at home watching movies until the early days of Korea and her favorite hobby of collecting all the items ranging from handbags, shoes, and dresses in expensive European-made.

Who is not happy being a companion Diana Pungky? Someone who is happy, it must be wishing, if only time could not be prevented from rolling and once frozen, it must continue to be enjoyed happiness.

Diana Pungky was like a goddess of Love. Infinite beauty, sow the seeds of beauty. When he left the location shooting, as if the grandeur and keglamouran rennaisance time none the less. Especially when she cast a farewell unexpected smile ..

Diana Indah Pertiwi Pungky Profile :
Full Name: Diana Indah Pertiwi Pungky
Call Name: Diana Pungky
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta, March 12, 1974
Career Sinetron: 'Jinny OH Jinny,' 'Boneka Poppy', 'Dina Dini Dalam Dekapan Doni'
Favorite musician: Madonna
Favourite Movie Star: Demi Moore
Height / Weight: 163 cm / 43 kg

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