Foto Hot Artis Clarette Harsi Pamer Paha

Foto Hot Artis Clarette Harsi Pamer PahaDo not assume lightly Childish woman. Although weak spoiled and impressed, not least from those who have the firmness in carrying out the principle of life. Clarette Harsi is one of the unique species.
That day the atmosphere of the shooting took place in the rain storm. Increasingly gloomy atmosphere when lightning several times jarring. Luckily, the model for rubric POPULAR Rising Star this time was someone who ceriwis and friendly. Childish imagery was evident from every speech she says. What she radiated from the charm to make the atmosphere bright and pleasant shooting took place. However, it turns out life as a Childish is not easy, especially for those who wrestle the world of entertainment. Innocence is sometimes misunderstood and exploited. To what extent can he survive? Listen Popular Magazine interview with the virgin birth of Bandung, 4 May 1989.

Clarette Harsi

Clarette Harsi

What do you think of this Popular Magazine photo session?
Cool! Earlier it had ngaret. I know because the weather is bad. I myself was not fit, but everything went smoothly right?

You're uncomfortable dress sexy?
I really do not like to dress sexy because I do not feel sexy. Moreover, my body shape is not good. But for the magazine Popular I make an exception, hehehe ...

What factors cause you feel sexy?
Yes, it seems more people who say my face childish than sexy. I was pampered and spoiled person. But you know sometimes I can be mature.

Clarette Harsi
Artis Indonesia “Clarette Harsi”

Clarette Harsi

Childish really not that model just like you become targets of casting naughty?
Very true! I've been there. Some PH indecent act when casting.

Oh yeah? Like what?
When following the casting, a talent coordinator told me that she said scene change clothes according to the story of the film. But she wanted me totally naked. I obviously just do not want to. The reason really, she would clearly see the body shape I am. In fact, when I was using a tank-top. Time anyway shape my body is still not obvious?

Clarette Harsi

Then what do you do after that?
I went out alone.

If a big film project you want to go through the casting process like that how?
I do not want to be tempted. Do not let this mortgage deh I just wanted to play because of the movie.

How familiar with free sex in the entertainment world?
I was ready with the consequences of that and I do not want to fall. From the initial plunge into the world decided I already have the motivation and target. So no long want to be entertainers.

Beyond casting, if ever there was a man who wanted to deceive you?
Never, but that's when I was in high school.

Sent nude too?
No. This may be because I like to be pampered times huh?